Gather your documents

Make sure that you have original copies of official documents that you or your family members will need. These will be papers related to your health, education, profession, and others. These documents should include your:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Marriage or divorce certificate; death certificate for a deceased spouse
  • Adoption records for adopted children
  • Educational diplomas and certificates; transcripts that list the courses you took to obtain a degree or certificate
  • Official vaccination records (your child’s baby book if you still have it)
  • Medical records (prescriptions, test results, x-rays, allergies, etc.) and dental records
  • Driver’s licence and/or International Driving Permit
  • Driving experience letter or certification from your local transport authority (this may help lower the cost of auto insurance)
  • Detailed resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Contact details of references and reference letters

Start applying for documents that you lack as some of these take time to process. Having to apply for these documents after you’ve landed in Canada can be costly and take more time. Remember that your documents should be written in English or French (Canada’s official languages). You will need to have them translated if they’re not in English or French. Make sure that you use a reputable translation agency. Get an affidavit signifying that the translation is accurate. It would also be wise to have photocopies, digital copies or certified true copies of all your important documents. This will come in handy when you need extra copies for various applications or in case you lose the original document.

It would be convenient to have records of your income (your earnings a year prior to moving to Canada) and other business or financial papers. These will come in handy when it’s time to file your taxes or applying for GST/HST benefits.