Study Permit

Canada is competing with other immigrant countries over international students. That is why Canadian education is built to help the government to attract and retain international students. In order to study in Canada, a foreign student must obtain a letter of admission from a Canadian college or university and a Study Permit from the Department of Immigration.

Post Graduate Work Permit

Canada offers international graduates the opportunity to stay in Canada after graduation. Such policy helps to convert international students into permanent residents, as they are ideal candidates to become new PRs of the country. In order to remain in Canada after your education, you need a Post-Graduate Work Permit to find a full-time job and gather Canadian work experience, which in turn will help you to immigrate.

Work Permit

To work in Canada, a foreign worker must obtain either an employer-specific work permit, which requires the employer to obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). First or an open work permit in certain specific situations. For instance, spouses of international students, foreign workers, or sponsored spouses may be eligible for that.

Visitor Visa and Electronic Travel Authorization

Globalization created a new world for all of us. We have family members in all parts of the world. To visit your Canadian family members, you may need a Visitor Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (if you are from a visa-exempt country). The same applies if you simply like to travel and wish to visit our wonderful country!

Super Visa for Parents of Canadian citizens and PRs

Those Canadians who are not lucky to sponsor their parents or grandparents for permanent residency shouldn’t be sad. There is an alternative opportunity to bring your elderly parents to Canada. Supervisa is a visitor visa for parents and grandparents which allows staying in Canada temporarily for up to two years at one stay. Supervisa is issued for a period of a total of ten years.

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